I offer one-on-one, nuts-and-bolts consulting for:

  1. foundations, nonprofits and governments seeking to engage citizens
  2. freelancers, writers, researchers, small business owners and nonprofit leaders who need staff but can’t afford to hire employees.
  3. university students, recent graduates, young professionals as well as mid to senior-level professionals who are looking to make or re-make their careers.

Details below.

Citizen Engagement, Local to Global

In an increasingly interdependent yet divided and unequal world, I help foundations, nonprofits and governments engage citizens at local to global levels. I bring 25 years of experience in the study and practice of citizen engagement, a sociologist’s eye for social dynamics, and an organizer’s mind for nuts-and-bolts logistics. I have initiated and led diverse citizen engagement efforts, from local election and issue campaigns to online international dialogues and networks, engaging diverse constituencies including academics, activists, elected officials, voters, youth, families, and citizen diplomats.

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Free Staff for Freelancers, Consultants, Small Biz & Nonprofit Leaders

Too busy?  Need staff, but can’t pay them much or at all? 

Many freelancers, consultants, small business owners, and small nonprofit managers and directors have too much work and not enough time.  They also have valuable knowledge and skills that millions of diverse university students can benefit from. This presents an enormous and often untapped opportunity to get a lot more done in less time at little to no cost if you are willing to recruit and manage student interns, give them meaningful resume-building work for 8-10 hours/week, and share some of your knowledge and skills with them.  

I have 15+ years of experience successfully recruiting and managing hundreds of student volunteers as both a faculty supervisor and an intern manager for various nonprofit organizations and community groups.  Over those years, I have honed an efficient and effective method for recruiting and managing interns that has saved me at least $227,000 in the last seven years, and can save you much more as you help diverse students gain valuable work experience. As your consultant, I guide you through the steps in setting up your own internship program, and efficiently managing interns.  In little time, you can be leading your own intern workforce — worth at least $1,960 per intern per semester — working with you in-person and/or remotely.     

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Beyond the Job: Making, or Re-Making, Your Career

Every year, millions of students graduate with an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree in the USA alone. All of them are looking for a job, but for long-term success, all of them should also be thinking about how they can start building their career by developing their brand and reputation. However, most colleges and universities focus on training students for a specific discipline or skill (writing, Spanish, engineering, business, computer science), not so much for a career. Consequently, many students graduate ill-prepared to hit the ground running.

At the same time, every year, millions of mid to senior-level professionals change careers, or start an “encore career.” Changing careers often requires re-making oneself by re-working resumes, online profiles, website bios, elevator pitches, and one’s personal story.

As a former professor and current director of an educational nonprofit who has taught and guided more than a thousand college students in and out of university settings (including Tufts, Harvard, Stetson, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison), I offer one-on-one consulting to college students, recent graduates, young professionals as well as mid and to senior-level professionals on a range of specific, actionable strategies and tactics they can implement to build or re-make their careers, including how to get published, network more effectively, build a community around their passion, and more. I also guide my clients as often as necessary as they implement their career-building strategies and tactics. Depending on each person’s needs, I help answer questions, make connections, brainstorm possibilities, identify opportunities, evaluate plans, craft compelling personal stories, and offer precise feedback on resumes, presentations, online presences as well as blog posts and articles intended for publication.

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